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So at this point everyone knows about the horrific plane crash last weekend which decimated Poland’s leadership.

One of the passengers on board was the extraordinary Anna Walentynowicz.

Anna Walentynowicz has often been referred to as the woman whose firing served as the catalyst for the formation of Solidarity, the Polish Trade Union whose strike helped bring Poland freedom from the Soviet Union. Her role in the birth of Solidarity has often been overlooked in favor of Lech Walesa, and feminists such as Marilyn French argued that her impact had been overlooked by the media.

Most of the mentions of her legacy I’ve seen seem to basically just describe her as the prologue to Lech Walesa’s accomplishments. The only article which really seems to pay due tribute can be found here. She was a feminist and a committed socialist. It’s unfortunately unsurprising that as she started the strike to take down the totalitarian state her role was relegated to “godmother” as Walesa began to take over as patron saint of Solidarity.

Though her name will likely never appear in high school textbooks, Anna Walentynowicz was one of the foremost figures in bringing down the Soviet Union. The bravery she showed in resisting her corrupt bosses before her retirement sparked a strike which managed to hold the attention of the world. In a culture which still shows utter disdain for unions and the right of workers and their safety, Anna Walentynowicz’s name may have faded from newspaper pages, but what she stood for is as relevant as ever.


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A) Use quotation marks around key words in my posts. To suggest something. What, I’m not really clear on.

B) To never send my blog link (is it called an address?) to any other blogger, ever.

C) Because I am just hoping they see me and think what an unassuming “sweetheart” I am…

D) …and their adoration is not canceled out by my air quotes.

E) To post 4-5 times over a course of six months

F) Followed by 20 times in one week

G) With topics so random that only a very few people could find more than one thing that interested them

H) Which gives me an excuse to tell myself it doesn’t matter and drink copiously every two months in order to motivate myself to write a post.

I) With such logic, it must work, right??

The least successful blogger of all zee-times! I always knew I was a charming underachiever 🙂

Happy Aprils!

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