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Egypt and Links

Just watched Mubarak’s speech live on CNN. I’m not well-versed enough to know what the implications are here, but it felt pretty weird. Firing the whole government except himself (or as he put it, “resignations”)? Pretty sure he’s missing the point (“The Egyptian People Hate You” chants seem crystal clear). Is anyone else thinking of the Iran protests in the summer of 2009, and feeling worried that this whole thing will just fade away? Many of the issues changing the dissatisfaction into real protest in Egypt are issues everywhere, and I don’t think the powers that be are willing to see or allow any meaningful change.

The Guardian is streaming live updates, and I like them. Uh, The Guardian, I mean. Speaking of which, I always read whatever Robert Fisk has to say during events like these in the Middle East. I continue to (mostly) like the man, and his book The Great War for Civilisation remains one of the best things I have read, ever.

Aaron Bady has news and commentary about events in the Middle East as well, and as usual, it’s excellent and informative. Also, check out his current reading list – lots of interesting Middle Eastern fiction – by women. He also linked over to The Angry Arab, whose posts I’m finding great. The Agonist has also been a good place for following things, with short but helpful commentary.

Also, I’m flying outta Baltimore and driving with a buddy from Austin to Phoenix next week. Obviously not excited to step into the state of Arizona whatsoever, but since I was an impressionable little girl and watched Christian Bale in Newsies (c’mon, unions!) I’ve been longing to go to Santa Fe. Not quite enough to do a song-and-dance in the street, but still. So I was distressed to read about the crazies in the government over there. The world feels pretty nuts all around these days.

And if that’s not enough to make you want to throw up all over yourself, read this! Wonderful. The sheer evilness, the sheer stupidity of the Republicans boggles my mind. These guys are just a few nudges away from starting “pro-rape” campaigns. Love the zygotes, hate welfare moms. I don’t know anymore.


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