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I am going to get myself a new blog (well, already done). Because as charming as this is, as adorable as I am when I talk about yaks and Sigur Ros and wife-carrying and Scandinavia and asparagus….I need a schtick before I publish my Dostoevsky-esque novel (Which I won’t do!) But anway! What if I get a new blog and I just keep it about books and thus can address other things in a sweet lovely way which isn’t so passive aggressive. Someone Somewhere will maybe find me out and know how beautifully I can write about Yaks. God, if only we had a heavy sweaty yak right now. We meaning me. I just think it’d be nice to have something so blanket-esque, but with a pulse that you can also be like “Hey get outta here! Go make milk! Har har har I will make you into a BLANKET and dispense of your needs!!!”

Really, I will try to find a way to talk about how gorgeous Riceboy Sleeps is.  I’ll put up the link, maybe, but I’m afraid the only people who are directed to this website are obsessed with yaks, and ultimately we might not have as much in common as we’d like to think. If I see a good Mountain Goat page, I’ll pass it on Love Love Loves….

(I’m so witty to myself.)


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