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My favorite Canadian supergroup has a new album entitled “Forgiveness Rocks Record” coming out May 4th, and since my favorite Canadian supergroup is also my favorite musical act on the planet, here, there, anywhere, anytime, I am delirious.

This is, for me, the greatest news on the planet. It makes my year. There are years where no BSS records come out; those are eh. Then there are years when they do: and they are super. They are years when you invite friends over to listen to those albums all night and pass out on your floor at 5 am. They are years when you take off work to go drive to get the album and listen to it all over creation. It’s a year that is perfect. I’ve already listened to “World Sick”, which you can get from their website, and maybe I’m biased, but yeah, I’m in love all over again (I missed them so). So May 4th is kinda like a big deal for me. To celebrate, here are some pictures with no rhyme or reason to them. Bless ’em all.


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