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I’ve finally realized there is really only one person who can help us now.

I should have realized this a long time ago. To preface, these are all very sad things. Everything these days, it’s a very sad thing! Earthquakes. Devastated economies. Oil swarming over the Gulf of Mexico. Perpetual unemployment exacerbating our growing perpetual underclass. Worldwide poverty. War in the Middle East, possible war in the Koreas. Human life threatening levels of Carbon Dioxide PPM in our atmosphere. Sinkholes! Black holes! Asteroids! Glenn Beck!

And the word sinkhole unfortunately brought to mind one persona.

We’re being sorta assaulted on all sides. Shady transnational corporations (shady is my kind adjective). Pollution. Oil spills. Trigger happy tyrants. I mean, thank you Mr. President for taking responsibility for the oil spill, but that doesn’t make me feel like I’m not living right in Rome, 472 A.D. I feel nervous, I feel wary, I want Buffy. Or really, I want Buffy to stroll into our Senate and say “Hey! Shut the fuck up! Campaign finance reform now! Let’s break up some monopolies! Let’s get off oil! Let’s reform public education so people aren’t reading Twilight and shit! Let’s close the Hellmouth, let’s get out our stakes and slay some fucking un-dead vampires/economic theories!!!”

This would be some inspiration. This would get me motivated. This would hopefully get other people motivated. It’s far better than Glee, or whatever t.v. show people are watching which involves fantasies of the vanishing middle-class singing their way to success.

Let’s get serious about our problems. Then maybe we can all chill out and talk about Buffy and Spike.

That would be a happy time.


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