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Swimming Moose

Sometimes the news of the world is too depressing to talk about. That’s where swimming moose come in.

I cut that last one out of a newspaper years ago and put it on my refrigerator. You know, to remind me that dreams come true. Or something like that.


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When Moose Get Sexy

Here’s the thing.

If you were a she-moose, you know you would be all about this dude (for the record, a she-moose is called a cow, but I’m not trying to confuse you more than necessary).

The Silent but Strong Type

The Silent but Strong Type

Look at that Eye. The calm expression. He’s just doing his thing. He’s not bothered by the weird thing sagging from his chin, so why should we be?  Yeah, his head is weighed down by his ridiculous antlers, but he bears them gracefully. We can’t see his knees in this picture, but we know they’re a fucking joke, because all moose have hilarious knees.

Still. This guy has something to say to our hearts, if we would only listen.

I love moose.

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My Favorite Moose

I have this… friend. I can’t wait for you to meet him. He gives me such a special feeling, and I just have gotta talk about him with you. There might be days when I have an extra glass of wine and open up about how I really feel about him. He’s smart, he’s sassy, I bet he’s a great fuck, he’s a sweetheart (and feisty); he really gets me.

Oh gosh, I just, I can’t wait for you to meet him, I better introduce you right now…


Am I right, or am I right?

I’ve seen this picture in a few places, btw, but no one describes it better than the genius who writes Fuck You, Penguin.

I’m serious:  this is my favorite moose in the world, and I love moose.  He is the king of moose, the Bill Murray of moose. You’re too good for me, moose, but it’s okay, I’ll love you from afar. I’m going to talk about this guy all the time, I can feel it.

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