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Dan Snyder, you are a mean petty man and I am not fond of you. And, since you take taxpayer money to build your stadiums, I think it’s a gross conflict of interest to turn around and have the Redskin franchise donate 50,000 dollars to Robert McDonnell. And, I think you are a jerk. Just to re-iterate.

I love the Redskins. I grew up, well, not. But the first year I really followed football, I followed the Redskins. A passion was born. But long before I loved the Redskins, I was in love with the Saints. Seriously. I fell for them when I was ten years old.


You Can't Stop These Boys, and This Time I Really Mean it!!!

It was partly because I adore New Orleans and everything about it (except, you know, the devastating poverty, horrible infrastructure, corruption, and racism. But everything else, yeah!). It was partly because the Saints were losers, and I could get into that, especially since they were in a city I loved. Then there was the name: The Saints. Let’s not argue: best team name in the NFL. And the parades! Oh God, the parades. They parade after losses, they parade after wins. New Orleans loves to parade, I love to parade, and I love the Saints.

I’ve been saying since Week OneĀ  that this is the Saints year (I have said this before, but rapidly become less adamant about it as I look ridiculous). But I’m losing all restraint now. This is the Saints year. By God, they’ve earned it. Not only do have they passionately dedicated fans, parading all about, as their team repeatedly, well, was less than stellar; not only have they rallied under tremendous (and, sigh, attractive and seemingly liberal) leadership; they have managed to keep their team together under tremendous pressure put upon as their city was slowly disappearing under water. They have played for their city, the city that so passionately adores them, and the city that could always use another opportunity to parade.

I love the Redskins andĀ  the Saints, but I have no problem rooting for the Saints with insane devotion as they will (nearly certainly) defeat the Redskinson December 6th. Maybe Snyder can learn a little bit about what teamwork is all about. Or, at the least, think about what it would be like cheering for a team whose name doesn’t kinda make you wanna vomit.


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