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Oh man, I love you, Jezebel.

I totally printed this bracket out last night and made Boyfriend fill it out with me. There were some heart-wrenching choices though. Spice vs. Ice Cream?? Are we talking a cream cheese frosted spice cake, on a beautiful November evening? Is this some cheap ice cream cake, or are we talking the real fucking deal here?

More questions. My bracket ended up pitting blueberry against cheesecake. Now, I think cheesecake is gonna take it all down. And don’t get me wrong, cheesecake is fantastic (and it is most DEFINITELY a pie, despite the cake). But again – cheesecake in general, a win. But blueberry pie on a June evening? Or at 3 o’clock in the morning in August?? This tournament, it’s too much!

I like to make my own birthday cakes Funfetti style, so I can’t really split them up. As it is, I have Funfetti going to the finals and facing down Pumpkin, and letting Pumpkin taste (I mean take… or do I?) the day. But I hope all the other cakes and pies know this doesn’t mean I love Pumpkin best (though I might). It means there were too many tough choices, too many unanswered questions.

I have now woken up, and am extremely hungry. I want cake. And pie. In light of these tough choices, I think I’ll have both today. And more tomorrow. It’ll be a baking, pie-consuming weekend, in which I fully intend to end up with several pieces of clothing coated in a light layer of blueberry pie and spice cake, a kitchen that smells of funfetti cake, and sleep deprivation, since I will have woken up multiple times every night to devour the rest of every piece of pie and cake before anyone else can get their grubby mitts on it.

I love spring.


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