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Fuck the five right-wing corporate quislings on the Supreme Court, fuck the Democratic party leadership (sometimes), fuck bankers, fuck greedy, elitist, power-hungry old men everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shocked. Being quite liberal and giving support to the Democratic party is a Hamlet-esque experience. To be a Democrat, or just to acknowledge that I am consistently voting for people who will over-think and betray all of our core principles? It was tragicomically plain in those last weeks that Ms. Coakley would lose. I’m not proud of being aware of that or anything. It’s depressing. I don’t have a PhD; why do the people who do fail to have any grasp of reality? I think back to the primaries. Obama and Clinton, two pretty conservative Democrats who had different rhetorical styles. Obama is elected, and many people are shocked and disappointed that the progressive agenda is not being enacted.  But why? It was depressingly obvious. Neither of the presidential candidates was going to really enact a progressive agenda. I mean, they didn’t even really get specific about that. They said “Change” and criticized Republicans which, unfortunately, was actually shocking. Shocking because Democrats don’t like to actually point out who got us into all these disasters. We have to “move forward”. Which is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. You take quizzes and study in school and take a test at the end of term to prove you’ve learned something. You don’t just “move forward” at the end of every class and try to put it behind you. You hold onto it! You absorb it! That’s what, you know, fucking life is all about. You have a memory. Use it. Jesus Christ.

And of course the present make-up of the Supreme Court made it clear they would go into a grotesque swoon as they crooned about how like, wealthy concepts are people or something. I know, I don’t get it. When I read about it as a young(er) lass in the Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad case, I was like: Oh, well, that’s stupid, um, ideas and institutions only have power because people imbue them with meaning, and if we don’t, oh, they fall apart. They have no reality except that which we bestow upon them. But the Supreme Court has been right-wing for a long time. And this decision will have all kinds of horribly disastrous results that I’m in no mood to even consider.

What I don’t understand, in the midst of all my “fucks” and “I could run the DNC better than Tim Kaine (though not as well as Howard Dean, that’s for sure!)” is: why? I don’t get it. Are they just technocrats at the end of the day? Are they really just thoughtless, lacking in imagination, overly cautious and unable to see outside their bubble? Are they mad, are they power-hungry? Just to make clear, I’m talking about the Democrats. The Republicans, I have no fucking idea what they are doing.*(aside below!)

I really don’t understand it. I can predict what consequences will come from certain actions, but I really am unable to understand what motivates some people. Is power, is greed really so alluring? Why is a few million dollars never enough? What creates an emptiness in people that they are willing to step all over everyone else? Fear of death? Original sin? A biologically built-in impulse to struggle and succeed? Then why isn’t everyone like that? I finished Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem today. I’ve been reading about it at length for so many years, I figured it was high time to read the thing itself. And what I got out of it is that there are just some questions so big, and the answers too paltry and meager. Evil can be banal. Massive, enormous crimes are committed by “sheer thoughtlessness”. It’s mind-blowing. We’ll sacrifice our Earth to the economy. We’ll sacrifice our democracy to an outrageous, deliberate misinterpretation of the Bill of Rights. Reprehensible. Atrocious. Or, as I said before: Fuck.

*As an aside (Aside!), a friend told me about some enormous changes they were undergoing. I was doing my best to be very supportive, when deep into it I started getting a little nervous. Very gently I said: “I don’t want to be rude, and I want to be completely supportive, but a quick question… are you going to become a Republican?” To be fair I (mostly) said this because I love my friend, and I don’t want to hurt their feelings by ranting about politics. My friend burst into laughter and cried, “No way, now that would be crazy!” And we had a good, long laugh. Because some things are too insane to contemplate.


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My first impulse was to title this post something that had a lot of curse words (I was really fucking pissed when I finished Maureen Dowd’s weekly exercise in imbecility), but that wasn’t nice. So instead I will politely request all the powers that be to please never show any of these people on television again. Or, when they talk, no sounds come out. Their computers shut down, their pens have no ink! It’ll be like a science fiction novel – the pundits and politicians who were so full of shit they could no longer communicate. Yeah!!

1) Maureen Dowd – for not only every moment of her journalistic “career”, but for this ignorant, cliche-ridden pile of vomit that she calls an editorial.

2) Liz Cheney and The Dick – Who the fuck cares what this woman thinks? Why I am supposed to listen to her? Why is she always on tv? WHY? Why is her father not in jail? These people have not been right about anything, ever. They are selfish, destructive people who base their opinions on two things: A) Democrats are wrong B) gimmemoney, gimmetorture, gimmedestruction, gimmepower, gimmewhateveriwantandwhatiwantisevilipromiseyouthat.

3) Michael Steele – You think Harry Reid should resign? Well, I do too, but for vastly different reasons. But I also think you should resign, not just for doing the same thing that you think warrants Reid’s resignation (“Honest Injun”? Really?), not just because you are an incompetent disaster, but also because the only thing you have to offer is suggesting other people resign. Climate crisis? Healthcare crisis? Economic crisis? National security crisis? You have nothing. But Reid’s gotta go! What a fucking moron. I’m embarrassed you’re from Maryland.

4.) John McCain – You lost. You are not an important voice on anything. You are not right about anything. Please get off the television. Also, the President is not an extreme far-left radical. What is your problem?

Sigh. Rage is so exhausting.

Update: Tristero at Hullabaloo wrote this awesome piece about Maureen Dowd’s pathetic column this morning:

I simply can’t believe that anyone would need the president of the United States to be their Daddy. I simply can’t believe that anyone would write that they need the president of the United States to be their Daddy. I simply can’t believe that the New York Times would publish an op-ed columnist who would write that she needs the president of the United States to be her Daddy. I simply can’t believe that our public discourse is so debased that someone as unstable as MoDo has regular access to a wide public – not to rise above her psychological problems and inform us, or provide us with sensible opinions, but merely to trot out her deeply weird neuroses because she apparently thinks everyone shares them.

And that – the abysmal level of our public discourse – scares the daylights out of me.

Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking.

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This is bad, bad, bad, bad news. It broke on AP about 30 minutes ago: the Democrats are discussing dropping the public option in favor of expanding Medicare to people 55 and up.

Thanks guys! Protect those baby-boomers! Lower the minimum age requirement to 55. How awesome! Children and young adults, the poor and the struggling middle-class, whatever! Go to hell, folks! It’s hilarious that the grey-haired senate is going to expand health care coverage to care for… more middle-aged people. Great! Hey, no, it’s super neat really, I love expanding access to health care. But I’m fed up with how children and college students and young adults are completely screwed over so that the baby-boomers can take care of themselves.

Why did they have us? They jacked up college tuition to unbelievable levels, they promoted free-market fundamentalism so that jobs were leaving the country like shitty diarrhea (ha!), they polluted our environment while sing-songing about how all the school children should learn to recycle, they built cookie cutter mansions in the suburbs and mocked providing hand-outs to the poor (why don’t those people get a job or something?) while they neglected to think about the unspoken affirmative action (the old white boy’s club) which helped them along, they fought taxes so they wouldn’t have to pay for public transportation as their children commuted to their shitty community colleges because they couldn’t afford student loan payments, and now they are making sure they are covered by health care. But the poor, the students, the caregivers, the struggling working-and-middle class parents… hey, who cares?

So my question is, why the fuck did they ever have kids, if they intended to screw us all over so royally?

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This Stupak bullshit really, really, really angers me. A friend (of course a dude) told me that really, it’s worth it in order to get health care reform, and hey, it probably won’t actually really change anything.

What the hell is wrong with our political system when people think it is perfectly sensible to exchange one right in order to achieve another right? Rights aren’t exchangeable, there aren’t only so many rights to go around, whatever moderate Democrats may think. Yeah, health care should be a fundamental right in our society. But personal autonomy is pretty much the most basic fucking right of all, so why on Earth should half of our population cede it to make sure health care is passed? What the hell? It makes no sense.

It’s unbelievable that people who hate and desperately want to control women are so well-respected that they can completely piss all over our legal rights. It’s unbelievable that they’re taken seriously. Obama wants me to respect the sensitivities of people who want to control my body, he wants me to respect that we all feel differently on this issue, and that I should agree to disagree with those who think I am not allowed to decide what happens to my body since I am a woman.

No, sir, no fucking way! You know what I find morally repugnant? Murdering people. Actual people. I hate having MY tax dollars going to building bombs, going to weapons to murder actual living, breathing human beings. I hate my tax dollars going to torture, the death penalty, corporate welfare, and the general destruction of the planet. I hate tax dollars being spent by a government that does nothing for the poor, but perpetuates a power structure designed to benefit parasites who use their power only to make more money.

But my tax dollars go to all of that stuff, and my anger about it doesn’t matter because the progressive agenda is easily dismissed by those in power. Now we’re supposed to smile as they continue to snatch control of our bodies away for us, because health care reform is necessary for the general good. No, you know what’s good for everyone?  Respecting every citizen’s personal autonomy. Or, Medicare for everyone, and shutting down for-profit insurance companies, because no one’s well-being should be subjected to the profit motive.

So I think this bill is bullshit. Everything about it is bullshit, and people who think of themselves as liberal but are willing to exchange one right for another are not liberals at all, but cowards. We should never, ever negotiate when it comes to human rights. You don’t give one up in order to get another. We shouldn’t feel forced to pick and choose which ones to support now and which ones to betray. The way is always forward, never back. If you betray one right, if any basic human right is worth giving up, then any of them are. Sometimes we have to agitate for one more than another, sometimes one is more threatened, sometimes one isn’t being recognized and needs more attention. Right now the human right to medical care needs to be fought for. But to just completely abandon one right, to say it’s okay, it’s negotiable, something else is more important? That’s insanity, and it’s wrong. It’s  wrong to support this bill with this amendment, because it can never be morally right to give up a right (which is what the Stupak amendment does by making abortion even more inaccessible) to achieve something else. The means define the ends, and these are bad, bad means. Let’s not get Machiavelli about health care. It may not seem important to some people now. But tomorrow, it may be a right that they find precious, and things may suddenly seem very different.

Here’s some links to other people who are outraged. Which means, I love them.

Kill This Bill. Right on!

What the Stupak Amendment actually does.   Best line:

Remember the promises? Reform was about expanding choices, not allowing government to come between you and your doctor, no one will lose their coverage, and if you like your current plan you get to keep it. Apparently being female is a preexisting condition that exempts us from the promises, too.”

I like the contempt here. When the President treats women with contempt (as well as the entire progressive agenda), then I read things like this, and nod. Vigorously.

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Man, that Stupak amendment, and all those Democrats who voted for it… kinda makes me not crazy about, you know, dudes. And moderate (i.e. sexist) Dems. So I have complied a list of rants I have seen in various places around the internet. It doesn’t make me feel better, but it does make me feel like I’m not the only one sputtering and shaking my fist.

This post at Shakesville, written by quixote, is the most articulate thing I’ve seen in some time on why women’s rights are everyone’s rights; and if women don’t have personal autonomy, then no one does. A particularly good excerpt:

I’ll repeat: personhood is necessarily a matter of belief, whether that’s based on religion or social consensus.

Therefore those who oppose abortion because they believe the fetus is a person with special status have to hope they are never successful in legislating how others handle their pregnancies. If they are, it means that exceptions could be made to the right to control one’s own person.

Once that principle is admitted, then there is nothing to stop a majority with different beliefs from legislating forced abortions.

Over-population is, after all, the source of the environmental problems killing the planet.

There is nothing to stop an aging population from requisitioning a kidney from healthy people walking around with a spare.

There is nothing to stop doctors from performing medical experiments on you for the public good.

There is nothing to stop the majority from deciding all those old folks are too expensive to live.

Really. Nothing. Once you take away the right to control your own body.

Extreme? Sure. So why is it okay when applied to women?”

Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon does an excellent job of pointing out that the misogynists who gave us this amendment won’t be satisfied with just limiting abortion access. There is no compromise, no middle ground with people determined to tell you what to do with your own body.

Digby at Hullabaloo reminds us that we really need more women in Congress. Also, maybe we need a female president, since Obama really doesn’t give a shit:

Apparently Obama called congressional Reps personally and told them to ‘work it out’ on abortion but he never weighed in on his own preferences, thereby letting everyone know that he really didn’t give [a] shit.”

Now, I’m gonna go look and see if there’s a way to just get thousands of women to stand on Capitol Hill until Congress and the Senate feel like acknowledging 50% of this country.

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Okay, the wonderful news is that health care reform passed the House Saturday night. And, to be positive, it got through the way it did (as in, not completely watered-down and meaningless) because of the efforts of one lady.


Nancy! Use that gavel!

So that’s good. She really kept meaningful health care reform alive.


To a lot of people’s chagrin, the fucking Stupak amendment put up by fucker Tom Stupak (oh, he’s a male. what a surprise) passed. Unfortunately, no aspect of this shocks me. The Stupak amendment, which basically makes sure low-income women can’t get abortions since their insurance won’t pay for them (as the subsidies lower-income women would receive to purchase health insurance will not be allowed to go towards a plan that provides abortion coverage), was put forward by Stupak, a Democrat. And a lot of Democrats voted for it. These moderate Democrats (also called misogynist, classist pigs) said they’d only vote for the bill if this amendment was added. So, great, yeah, they did, and women’s rights continue to be sacrificed. Lovely.

It’s all just part of a big trend. What is this trend? It is called: I hate women. Or, more gently, Please Remember Men Are Ultimately Your Superiors. It’s Democrats being afraid to stand up to hate-mongerers and terrorists, because they’re afraid of offending the sensitivities  of the pro-life, the same group of people who also happen to be homophobic, racist, unwilling to fund public education or provide welfare (you know, services to help those precious little babies who stop being so precious as soon as they’re born). It’s Democrats being unwilling to question the motives of pro-lifers. I mean, if these people were so aggrieved by abortions, maybe they would be into doing absolutely everything they can to make birth control accessible? But of course they don’t! Chris Matthews goes on Hardball during discussion over the stimulus and yells that increasing aid to states for birth control is “like China”. They promote abstinence-only education, because these dudes are fucking idiots. And they fucking hate women. They hate women, they hate women’s sexuality, and they hate little children because they don’t do a damn thing to help them once they’re in the world. These are the same people who freaked out over integrating the schools, over women being paid equally, who lamented the idea of women going to work (while refusing to work to increase available child-care to women), and who try to shove their agenda down everyone’s throat.

Let’s not forget that only ninety years ago did women receive the right to vote. That’s not too long ago. And we’ve made a lot of process since then. But regressive assholes have a hard time dealing with change, and they pull back on any issue  they can. And Democrats have allowed them to do so on abortion. The success of the pro-life movement has led to the general ineptitude of the Democratic party. Pro-life movements produce terrorists who kill doctors, and the Democrats shy away from using the appropriate language. They let the Republican party get away calling itself the party of “family values”. Their reluctance to push back against the dangerous rhetoric and tactics (and sheer ignorance) of the far-right has led them to feel increasingly comfortable acting out. The teabaggers arrive. Nonsensical terms are bandied around. A man like Glenn Beck, not only in need of therapy but in becoming, you know, literate, is highly regarded by these people.

There is nothing, nothing the far-right is right about. It’s a crying shame. It’s gotta be pretty hard being so wrong. And it’s a bummer that many of their needs have been so neglected by the officials they elect. But let’s not give in to them. If anyone seriously wants to reduce abortion rates, there are several answers: dramatically increase access to contraception, stop funding absurd abstinence-only education and celebrating seventeen year old girls getting pregnant as adorable, and increase access to child-care services and increase wages and chances of mobility among the lower-class, since the number one reason most people say they are having an abortion is because they “cannot afford it right now.”

So, health care: great. Too bad it, like so much, comes at the expense of women’s rights.

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It’s just remarkable. Really incredible. I remember 2002 as the year nearly every politician and pundit in America insisted America could change the world. We could end terrorism and build nations. Anyone with a brain or a moral code knew this sounded good but was utter bullshit, of course. You can’t just decide to end terrorism and create democracies whenever you feel like it. And of course, we didn’t.

But my point is, people thought we could. Our government probably didn’t think we could (though some of them are rather daft), but it sure knew there was money to be made by telling people we could. Our mass media knew it could increase ratings, not by going into the nitty gritty politics of invasion or by criticizing these mad men, but by waving the flag in the background and having breaking news stories every half hour about our glorious F-22s and how our military which would sweep into Iraq and bring down a statue and people would party in the street. Pictures of soldiers coming home in caskets, no. Pictures of eerie night bombs, yes. Throughout 2002 and 2003, we were the Nation Which Could. Mission Accomplished. We set out to do, and we sure did.

I don’t know what upsets me more, the dishonesty of our media and politicians, the greed of the corporations behind them, or the desire on the part of many in our country to believe such faulty immoral and basically stupid narratives.

The Nation That Could Do Things (though it didn’t know much about what exactly it did: glance at flag-waving, watch American Idol (don’t forget to vote!), eat red meat,  take the SUV to the mall and then the fundamentalist church where we can pat ourselves on the back) now is the Nation Which Cannot (what gross stereotypes, I know. I’d feel bad, but what with all the dead people in the Middle East I’m not feeling too guilty over reducing the assholes who were okay with it to ugly caricatures).

Global warming… but it’s so tough, and maybe it’s not even real! We can’t mess with American jobs. Outsource, yes. But accept emissions limitations? No. Could we define this as a classic moment of American ingenuity, one of those times where we meet an obstacle and put all of our energies into finding a way to meet it, to keep and create jobs while dealing with the environmental challenges we face? We could. But we are the Nation Which Cannot. So we won’t.

Goldman Sachs is a pariah. Wall Street is a monstrosity. We have an economic system where people celebrate growth of the GDP, and aren’t interested in growing unemployment. We gave trillions of dollars to the banks which created the crisis, and who prefer to dole out bonuses rather than re-hire employees or help out people who may lose their home. We have people defaulting on their mortgages because the banks allowed people to take loans who probably shouldn’t have received them, but who now are stuck in a tight place with no one interested in helping them. But we’re not going to bail out the victims of the banks. We like to bail out the perpetrators. We can do that!

What state illustrates these problems better than California? So much has been written on the problems of their initiative system and the long-term financial issues caused by millionaires who have nightmares of taxes on the sheets their maids clean. I won’t kid myself and pretend I have much to say on the problems of governing California that other people are far better informed about. What I can say is this. Arnold Schwarzenegger slashed the funding for domestic violence shelters by eighty fucking percent? 80 goddamn percent? What the fuck? Is it wrong to call another a human being a breathing piece of shit? 80 million dollars gone for child welfare services? Let me say that again. HE SLASHED 80 MILLION DOLLARS FOR CHILDREN’S WELFARE. Asshole Arnold also cut all state funding for community health clinic programs. He cut funding to HIV prevention programs. You can read the whole list here.

This is more than just ordinary bad politics. It goes beyond ineptitude and our ho-hum, we-just-can’t-do-health-reform-or-cut-carbon-dioxide-emissions attitude. This is fucking class warfare. Class warfare of the rich on the poor, of the powerful against the weak. Milton Friedman’s belief in free markets and nearly non-existent government was just what the rich of the world needed. Social Darwinism (more often politely and vaguely mentioned as some sort of pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstrap/self-made shit) and materialism were excellent philosophies for the greedy selfish elites. They’ve always wanted unrestrained power without being hindered by social responsibility. They don’t want to help other people up, because they depend on an underclass. They don’t want to feel guilty about the poor, they just want to take what they can while they can get it. They need domestic workers to take care of their children and their houses because they have better things to do. They need people to work at restaurants so they can eat out. They need other people to grow their food, they need other people to make their clothes. They need people to work on their yachts and sit behind the service desk. They need a world of people providing service to them. We could have a less disparate society, but that might mean the people at the very top have a bit less. Less billions in their trust funds, less money in their stock portfolios. Unfortunately, their mindset is that of a self-destructive sociopath. They avoided ever being overthrown (and being a non-violent person, I like to convince people to change their mind rather than point a weapon at them, so I think that’s a good thing), and now they’re slowly destroying the most basic restrictions put on their games. But their lifestyle is straining the planet, and the Earth can’t be ignored.

But their insatiable greed is just shocking, and the hypocritical way they play around with the “can-do” myth of America is disgusting. When it suits the wealthy, for example, by creating small wars which provide the opportunity to dole out government contracts and make billions of dollars, We Can Do It! When it comes to a bail-out for big business, We Can Do It! When it’s time to fund the Pentagon, forget about the budget or health care. We Can Do It! But when it comes to providing shelters for battered women, We Really Can’t. When it’s time to make sure children have enough to eat, We Just Can’t. When millions of people live without health care, We Can’t Do Anything because what about the Insurance Companies? Department of War, yes. Department of Peace, that’s too far-fetched.

We have an intensely hierarchical society. It just doesn’t bear the old names found in the fairy tales of King, Duke, Jester, Baron, or Peasant. But this is very much a country where the rich take from the poor, and the poor are expected to serve at their banquet. Not much has changed. A Hundred Years War over the land rights of kings? Yes, they could. Nation-building in the Middle East? Yes, we can. Protection from brigands? No, they ask too much. Protection from the insurance companies? We ask too much. At least they had Days of Truce in their time. Our laborers work seven days a week and multiple jobs to feed their children, and we want to arrest them and deport them. Folly and greed: What We Can, and Do, Do Best.

*On a personal note, something happened while writing this post which proved me to be a fine example of ineptitude myself. My family and I are staying at a cottage in Cape Cod which could only be called “rustic.” Something has been eating our fruit at night, and while sitting on the couch typing I saw the tail end of what looked like an enormous rat crawl behind the couch where my mother was reading. I slowly put the computer down on the ground and stood up on the couch I’d been sitting on while pointing and gasping “Oh holy shit.” Mom, being quite a can-do sort of person, asked me what it looked like and I babbled something about a long pink tail. She decided it was a possum, put on some oven mitts, and brought over some blueberries to lure it out. Then she started cooing “Here, possy, possy, you poor thing. Don’t worry, we’re Yankees, we won’t put you in a Brunswick stew. I’m just going to scoop you up and put you outside to eat some apples.” She then would smile at me and tell me how cute it’s little face was whenever it peeked out (it wasn’t so cute when it snarled at her as she tried to get it out from the couch). Adorable or not, fast-moving silent rodents two feet from my bed are not my sort of thing. Just as, perhaps, for Max Baucus, health reform is not his kind of thing. Though in my defense, health reform does not have a long hairless pink tail and does not move quite so quickly (as we’ve seen). Plus, I didn’t scream.

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